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A Note from Therapy

Ms. L. was admitted to San Rafael after having a fall at home that caused several pubic fractures. Prior to being hospitalized for the fall Ms. L. was very independent living alone and spending her free time fishing, hunting and visiting with friends and family. Upon admission to San Rafael she was unable to walk, unable to transfer and unable to dress, toilet and shower herself independently. Her personal goals were to go back home with the ability to make herself breakfast every morning, get back to the hobbies she enjoyed, drive and be the independent women she was before the fall. Ms. L. worked very hard 5 days a week with physical therapy and occupational therapy on strengthening, balance, transfers, walking and activities of daily living. She credits nursing for being able to control her pain without drowsiness to enable her to participate so much and credits therapy for her quick recovery. Just before leaving Ms. L. celebrated her 91st birthday here at San Rafael and was able to reach all of her goals. She now walks independently, lives back at home independently, drives to visits friends and family and hopes to go fishing soon.

Natasha Allen Therapy Manager

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