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A Note From Social Services

Promoting a positive environment for our residents with dementia or Alzheimer’s disease is always possible:

It’s all in the approach and by applying the basics ”do’s and don’ts ” for memory care. Do talk in short, simple sentences of seven words or less. Don’t ask too many questions. Facial expression is important so do smile but not in a mocking manner.

Don’t stand and tower over the person, instead stand eye level and smile when taking but don’t do the “Baby Talk”. Remember we are dealing with adults that are extremely sensitive.

Don’t offer too many choices for example in attire. Only have two attire options and don’t disagree or entertain an argument.

Lastly realize that for some reason dementia residents have extreme sensitivity with touch. If you grab abruptly, with a bad mood or disposition they will sense it and act out.

Good Luck on Your Do’s and Don’ts.

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