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A Note from Social Services: Hurricane Preparedness for Your Loved One

We are in the middle of hurricane season and now is the time to do your checklist of do’s and don’ts


  1. Write out your plan in advance.
  2. Determine what you will do with your loved one. Example, will I take them home and evacuate or should I allow facility to take charge, (usually done upon admission).
  3. Let someone else in on your plans in the event that you are not able to carry out plan due to work, stressful events, etc.
  4. Prepare to let your loved one know of the plan so that stress can be minimized during potential hysteria from news etc.
  5. Ensure your loved one that it is all being done with their safety in mind and assure with providing telephone number for them to call you.


  1. Wait till last minute as this will increase your and your loved one’s anxiety.
  2. Allow quilt and emotion determine what your plan of action will be.
  3. Procrastinate.
  4. Communicate negativity nor display fear and worry as many of our loved one’s can sense it.
  5. Anticipate a negative outcome nor a perfect one but be prepared for the unknown.

Ramiro Cabrera, Director of Social Services

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