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A Note From Social Services

September is back to school and new beginnings. This month is also seen as a month for rest from our labors & transitions.

Here at San Rafael we are Blessed to be able to come and do what we do best in our residents home. Let’s all be more aware of all of our new residents coming in to their new home or here for the first time.

Here are (3) things to focus on:

  1. Welcome our residents with a positive loving and caring demeanor. Remember our residents often times have a much better feel of us then we think. They are sensitive, emotional and have more life experiences and need reassurances.
  2. Welcome family equally as important as they too are dealing with feeling/emotions on family members new home.
  3. Assist with transition by finding out at least (1) specific life interest of resident and build on it.

Ramiro Cabrera, Director of Social Services

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